4th Century Rhyton

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Late 4th Century red figure pottery Rhyton wih short strap handle and calf protome. With a reclining female figure wearing a kekryphalos and holding a fan in her raised left hand.

This is Apulian in style but is called Apulianising. This refers to vases made in Campania, and at Cumae in particular, in the last third of the 4th Century B.C. influenced by the vases of Apulia. The broad treatment of the palmette above the handle is typical of the Rhomboid group of painters, especially the scroll in glaze. See Trendall’s The Red-Figured Vases of Lucania, Campania and Sicily, v. 1, Oxford, 1967, pp. 538 ff. and v. 2, plates 211-212. (expertise provided by Graham Geddes).


29 cm long

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