Give the Gift of Antiques


As the cold misery of winter starts to subside, and we hotfoot our way into spring, wedding season comes into its own. With the melodic ding of church bells also comes the need to show your love and support for the newly weds with a unique and useful gift.


Aware that large department stores have the monopoly on such affairs hasn't held us back. Although that cutlery set is necessary, you might find yourself in search for something a bit more unique, something that hasn't been asked for necessarily, but that you know they will simply love and cherish forever, dare I say it, something with a bit more personality. This is where the humble antique comes into its own.

The chances of doubling up on such a gift are remote to say the least. In light of this we have launched a gift section, with free UK postage (what more could you want?!). From trinkets such as the beautiful 50's red snake skin box above, to the perfect frame to commemorate the occasion,DA155663-1 we can help you find that extra special something to put you head and shoulders above the rest (not that it's a competition of course…)

P.S We aren’t limited to just weddings, we have a smorgasbord of gifts for all special occasions! And we aren’t alone, Lorfords antiques have a pretty spectacular selection, I’m a big fan of these Dachshund Knife rest should anyone ever wish to know…