Guinevere Exhibits; Abstract Art in Film & South East Asian Sculpture

Abstract Art Exhibit on display at Kings Road showroom until end of July 2024

We are hosting a special double exhibition here at Guinevere this summer!

Launched to coincide with this year’s CDQ Summer Street Party on the 13th June, clients and partygoers got to experience the visually impactful Abstract Art of 60’s and 70’s film, courtesy of Farley Hire, juxtaposed against a carefully curated collection of South-East Asian Sculpture.

Ranging from the evocative in our Sculptural Exhibition, like this Carved Stone Rajasthani Gentleman, to the bright and joyful works of Joe Farley or the striking Jimenez Balaguer pieces in our windows (all pictured above); this selling exhibition is on for a limited time this summer, so do come by for something a little different at Guinevere, especially if you couldn’t make it on the night.

Click here to view all currently available artworks