Mägdesprung Iron Side Table


Product Code:53654

Cast Iron round side table, the top after Francois Briot’s ‘Mars’ Plate, with embossed Baroque style decoration. German c.1840. Stamped Mägdesprung Am Harz.

The complex and highly inventive decorative scheme is composed of two main circles.
The first ring depicts personifications of War, Peace, Abundance and Hunger, all relating to engravings by French goldsmith Etienne Delaune (1519-1583).
The cartouches on the outer ring alternate between personifications of the four continents, Europe, Africa, Asia and America and four ancient rulers – Ninus, king of Assyria, Cyrus of Persia, Alexander of Greece and Julius Caesar. The overriding theme of these images appears to be that the world revolves around war, permanently subjected to the wheel of fortune and the rise and fall of empires.

76cm high x 47cm diameter
(30” x 18.5”)