Mali Woman with Embroidered Head Scarf

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  • mirella Ricciardi Mali Woman with Embroidered Head Scarf

Mali Woman with Embroidered Head Scarf


Djenné – “Mali Woman with Embroidered Head Scarf” – West Africa
Peul / Fulani women are readily recognisable by their exquisite adornments – large gold earrings known as “kwottenai kanye”, heavy silver rings and bangles, and hairdos that incorporate large amber beads, Maria Theresa silver dollars, and Venetian glass beads. A Fulani woman wears her large gold earrings given to her by her husband upon marriage. Some women inherit such jewellery from their mothers.

Djenné 1984 Series – Hand of the Artist West African Collection.
Vanishing Africa Ltd/Mirella Ricciardi ©
Contemporary mixed media hand coloured archival pigment print. In White crackle Lacquer frame with gilt slip
Signed Edition 1/1
Image Size: 24” x 12.5”

Framed Size: 84cm high x 56cm wide
(33” x 22”)