Turkana Woman Walking her Camels to Water

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  • Mirella Ricciardi Turkana Woman Walking her Camels to Water

Turkana Woman Walking her Camels to Water


“ Turkana Woman Walking her Camels to Water” – NFD – Kenya. East Africa 1968

Girls with huge wooden bowls led herds of camels to water. At a certain point they stopped scraping at the sand with their hands and sticks, digging holes to reach the bed of water which had disappeared several feet beneath the surface during the dry season. When they reached the water, one girl climbed to the bottom of the hole, holding a small bowl, and with this she scooped up the liquid, and then handed the bowl to another girl waiting above her. The water was poured into the large wooden gourds from which the thirsty camels drank themselves to saturation.

1968 image reworked by artist in 2015 – Hand of the Artist African Headdress Collection
Vanishing Africa Ltd/Mirella Ricciardi ©
Contemporary mixed media hand coloured archival pigment print. In White crackle Lacquer frame with gilt slip
Signed Edition 1/1
Image Size: 16” x 24”

Framed Size: 75cm high x 94cm wide
(29.5” x 37”)