Young Peul Tribal Woman

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  • Mirella Ricciardi Young Peul Tribal Woman

Young Peul Tribal Woman


Djenné – “Young Peul Tribal Woman” – Mali, West Africa
Peul/Fulani women are readily recognisable by their exquisite adornments–large gold earrings known as “kwottenai kanye”, heavy silver rings and bangles, and hairdos that incorporate large amber beads, Maria Theresa silver dollars, and Venetian glass beads. A Fulani woman of Mopti wears large gold earrings given to her by her husband upon marriage. As such earrings may cost $2,000 to $4,000, a groom would have had to sell many head of cattle to afford them. Some women inherit such jewellery from their mothers.

Djenné 1984 Series
Contemporary German etch archival pigment print. In later white crackled Lacquer frame with gilt slip
Signed Edition 1/8
Vanishing Africa Ltd/Mirella Ricciardi ©
Image Size: 34” x 22”

Framed Size: 81.5cm wide x 113 cm high
(32” x 44.5”)