Guinevere’s Guest; Chats with Henriette from VSP Interiors

This month we have a little catch up with Henriette, one of the two founding members of VSP interiors. Henriette has a wealth of knowledge in antiques having gained a masters at the Sotheby’s Institute, and it is clear to see its influence throughout her designs. Confessing to have what we would consider a very healthy love/obsession with tapestries. Since starting VSP Henriette and Jane have gone from strength to strength, winning accolades as they go, with projects near and far.

Career high so far
Going to my office which is filled with beautiful things and incredible people – a team that work with me – is my career high! I couldn’t make it all happen without them and I never thought I could achieve this. Going there makes me happy every day and I am so grateful that somehow I have managed to get to this point!
Another high – which I am forever grateful for – is being asked to work on the most incredible houses. It really has been a privilege since I started and continues to be the ultimate high.
I’m also somewhat fond of the front covers of all the interiors magazines that I admire. A bit of vanity but so good for the morale all round!

What one thing that you have placed in a client’s house do you wish you had kept for yourself?
An Aubusson tapestry along with any other verdure tapestry I have ever bought; I fear I have an addiction problem!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Africa… The smells, the sounds, and the special light – I miss it all!

Your biggest design no-no
Over design – an interior that looks forced or is too shiny

Your house is on fire, what one thing do you save?
A painting I inherited from my grandmother – I remember standing in front of it as a small child, admiring it every time I was at her house. It’s of Emperor Franz Joseph and came from Schloss Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.

Top three religiously followed Instagram accounts

You love antiques, what is your favourite era/style?
I love all antiques really; I believe they all have their place and their own story to tell. I choose depending on who I’m designing for and the interior into which they’re to go.

Any new years resolutions?
Try and do one random act of kindness every day.
I’m also aiming to be more sustainable in my work… which obviously means more antiques! But also in general, ie work with more sustainable choices and traditional methods.

Best piece of advice you have ever been given
Stay true to yourself- this gives you the best chance of achieving great things as only you can be you! This is something I tell my children all the time!

Favourite room in your house and why?
My drawing room – it has a very high ceiling and three large double French doors where the carriages used to come in and be stored. It also has a huge fireplace which is taller than me and creates a magical atmosphere.

Henriettes’s selection of favourite items;

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