Guinevere’s Guest; Chats with Saskia Blyth

This month we are excited to be chatting to Saskia from Blyth Collinson Interiors. Saskia has 20 years design experience under her belt, designing for exclusive residences for the discerning and discreet the world over. Every job approached with boundless enthusiasm, which translates perfectly into her elegant and fun interiors, filled with colour and intrigue at every turn. We chat about all things interiors as well as birthday plans and what not to do in design.

Biggest design no-no?
Where do I begin?
Never ever use purple. Never place cushions on their corners. Never ever ever use hundred of spotlights – keep them to bathrooms and kitchens and elsewhere use indirect lighting. Don’t try to create a showroom but a home. Not everything always has to match, it is much nicer once the bones of the project are completed and designed, that you add as you go. Never match your artwork to your furnishing. Never match your rugs to your colour scheme. BE BRAVE! Otherwise it will just create another boring developer style look. OH and stay away from grey as well!

A little birdie told me it is your birthday this month, what would be your dream birthday treat?
A trip to Jaipur! I have been dreaming about this for years. I want to go with your bosses!! Put in a good word for me will you?

Favourite project to date and why?
Gosh, thats a really tricky one as I get very attached to projects especially with long-standing clients.
If I have to select it would be two that I feel especially attached to – one is a stunning converted Farmhouse (you will recognise the bookcases in the image!) and one is a called High Lodge on the Blenheim Palace Estate.
These two clients are just incredible – great taste, brave with colour, trusting, loyal, so so lovely to deal with and their houses reflect their generous and hospitable characters.

Best and worst place you have ever lived?
Best place must be where I live with my family now. A little cottage in a tiny village. It is a 16th century house that has had a few additions to it. We are about to convert the barn as well. I love a project!
Worst place would have to be in my early days when I moved to London after Uni and flat shared in Hammersmith. Goodness me – those where the days. But we have all been there (or most of us lucky ones have)

On your website I see you are going to be offering courses, tell me more…
Well its all more or less ready to be launched we are just in the process of doing the last fine tuning. We will be offering three different courses / events. They will not be your usual course but far more practical and hands on. One of the courses will include a visit to a building site and one a visit to one of our recently completed projects. More later! Stay tuned!!

Go to places for beautiful things?
Well that will have to be Guinevere!

Piece you most wanted to keep for yourself from a project
Thats not an easy one either! I generally love what we source and install so it would have to be all of it.
I have had to promise (and have broken it several times) not to bring any more furniture and lighting back home. Apparently we have enough. I totally disagree. Women say they have bag and shoe addictions, well I have a furniture buying addiction. I am in treatment, it is not going terribly well.

Your house is on fire, what is the one thing you save (you can obtain superhuman strength if necessary)
My mother gave me the most beautiful 16th century carved Madonna. It has been in our family for generations and I have always loved it.

What do you love most about your job?
Everything! I literally love it all! I am so lucky to have a job that fulfils me and pushes my boundaries every day. I love my little team. I could not do without their support, their laughter and all the hard work. So grateful to them all every day!

Your best kept secret ?
How much will you pay?

Top three religiously followed Instagram accounts?
Theflowerfaries – love her floral arrangements
Schumacher – they have such good taste and are brave with colour, which I love
Hutton Bubear Buying agents – they find the most gorgeous properties in the UK (and abroad)

Saskias Top Picks from Guinevere

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