Guinevere’s Guests; Chats with Patrick Mele

Patrick Mele, a designer with a unique approach. Combining the best of the past and present to create visually stimulating and timelessly intriguing and elegant interiors. Not shy when adding a pop of colour or pattern, his interiors are anything but dull. For this month’s Guinevere’s Guests, Patrick chooses his five favourite items from Guinevere as well as insights into his favourite projects to date and most prized possessions.

Describe your style
I love bold, painterly and saturated palettes. I like rooms with comfortable plush upholstery, lots of books, collections of disparate items from various cultures and places around the world. I appreciate a mixture of fine antiques, a good junk shop find, and interesting art. Warm and moody lighting is a must, beautiful flowers, delicious aromas wafting through the air and great music playing in the background. I want the rooms I create to feel alive with personality!

Favourite interior to date?
For certain the flat I created for a beloved client on Cheyne Walk, that we filled with quite a few wonderful finds from Guinevere! It was the first time I had such a long leash on my creative freedom.

You also run a shop, what do you find your biggest seller is?

If you could be transported to a design era, what would it be and where?
A toss up between Edwardian England and 1970’s New York.

Best kept secret?
Don’t be afraid to use humble materials (think inexpensive white cotton duck canvas upholstered on regency frames – the outcome is tossed away chicness.)

Piece you most wanted to keep for yourself?
My first big purchase in my teens (I had a window display business during high school, that paid for my early infatuation with bric-a-brac!) was an antique Louis XVI fauteuil that had a chic crusty white painted frame, upholstered in beautiful black, slightly patent leather – I could not resist it. I thought it was so glamorous then and still have it in my home.

Favourite room in your house
My living room.

Top 3 Instagram’s you religiously check?
@remy_renzullo @beataeuman @clarkbar

Best piece of advice ever given?
Really stop to think before you speak

House is on fire. What one thing do you save?
A lovely old oil portrait in a gilded frame that my mother gifted me, which I treasure.

Patricks Top Picks from Guinevere

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