Guinevere’s Guests; Chats with Rachel Chudley

Rachel Chudley a name if you have been living under a rock you may be yet to hear. She is quickly becoming synonymous with the bold and the vibrant, effortlessly combining her love of pattern and colour, her interiors are rich and playful yet homely at the same time; a tricky line to balance! Entering into the auspicious fold of the House and gardens top 100 as well as winning their Rising star award, Rachael and her team are going from strength to strength and turning heads along the way. We were thrilled to have a little chat with her and find out a little more…


Describe your style…
Personal, colourful, and at odds with formalised style.

Favourite project to date and why
Oh this is very hard – I hate to play favourites!! I loved working with the one and only Cox London to create the VIP lounge for Collect at Somerset House. A truly fun collaboration, and a special moment for me to return to Somerset House where I studied at the Courtauld.


Go to places for fabulous fabric
My favourites are Tissue de Helen, Schumacher and Turnell and Gigon.

Biggest career high?
Certainly winning the rising star award from House and Garden a couple of years ago: I love the magazine, and the award really helped us to move from a niche group of supporters to the wider world of Interior Design.

Your best kept secret
blue and green should be seen..!

Piece you most wanted to keep for yourself?
the copper shell fire insert we found for our Bloomsbury project.

Your house is on fire, what one thing do you save?
Other than our little pug – the next best thing: Our sculpture of Deedee (by incredible artist Cathie Pilkington)





What most inspires you?
Our wonderful clients and the spaces they inhabit!

Top three religiously followed Instagram accounts
TAT, Fee Greening, Cabanamagazine

Favourite room in your house and why?
We have literally just moved and are about to start work on our new house… eek!! – but my favourite room in our previous home was the kitchen. It was dramatic and somehow cosy. It reflected the industrial history of the building but still felt like home!

Rachels Top Picks from Guinevere

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