Marvellous Maison Jansen

The name “Jansen” identifies a century-long, global offering of decorating services that focused on both historical revivals and contemporary trends.

Founded in 1880 by Jean Henri Jansen, the Paris based design and decorating firm Maison Jansen quickly established itself as one of the first truly International design firms. The decorating firm offered services that focused on a combination of historical revivals and contemporary trends culminating in one off commissions for royalty, aristocracy and celebrities of the time. The firm even oversaw the iconic redecoration of the White House under Jackie Kennedy.

Maison Jansen was a decorating firm before turning its hand to manufacturing. By 1900 the company was commissioning so much furniture that it started manufacturing in house from its 5 floor atelier in Paris with close to 700 artisans producing reproduction pieces and special commissions. In its formative years traditional reproductions of 18th Century French court-style pieces were common. In the 1960s/70s the company became known for its Modern Regency style pieces including metallic, sleek silhouettes and mirrored pieces referencing Art Nouveau, Art Moderne and the Aesthetic Movement.

The Three Tiers of Jansen

1. Finest: Custom, one-off pieces specifically commissioned by clients
2. Second Tier: Furniture created in the firm’s atelier and produced in limited runs. Elements of these products were customisable such as fabric and finish
3. Third Tier: A mass produced line known as the “Jansen Collection”

Maison Jansen pieces are not consistently marked which is reinforced by one of the company’s former decorators, Claude Mandron, stating “Decorators were there to ‘assist’ which is why you ‘rarely see a period credit assigned to a Jansen interior’.