Our Not So Secret Garden

All in an English country garden…or a town courtyard, or any outdoor space really. The English have a long affiliation with their gardens; and love them or hate them most people it seems did something (or everything) to theirs during lockdown in this green and pleasant land.

The history of gardens – though I am no horticultural historian – is quite interesting really, and it seems we have been stuck in the remnants of the arts and crafts era, creating rooms and elements of structure but with a touch of the wild, stepping away from the overly ornate styles of the Victorian era to something much more liveable. A real escape has never been so necessary.

We have it seems quite a few items that could make your garden sing even louder, make a focal point even more interesting, or indeed make sitting even more comfortable. The dream; A garden statue (a must surely), and what better than this statue of Triton, you could have his arms raising out of your bed of tulips, in awe of your green fingers, flapping not one but two merman tails in firm appreciation of all your efforts.

Sitting pretty on this wicker wrapped set of garden furniture you can admire your handy work, take a break from the back breaking shovelling you have been doing, or indeed watching someone else do (which some may say is just as tiring). The perfect place to unwind after a hard day and sip on that Negroni you slaved over just a moment before, you could even invite a small group of friends (no more than five currently) which is fortunate as that is already three on the floor. Fear not though, there is an alternative to the floor…they could always recline on a Vintage African Metal Lounge chair, a step up from the always slightly nerve-wracking experience of deck chairs.

Green glaze gardens stools, mirror the vibrance of your garden, and perfectly hold your drink, and a marble font, which is frankly too good to be used as a bird bath but an excellent place to throw in some ice alongside your drink (s) of choice to keep them cool and close to hand. The birds may of course relish in the water after you are done…. Must not be selfish. And of course, it wouldn’t be an English garden without the possibility of a game… and undeniably that game must be croquet. There will always be someone who knows the rules better than you, but there is also always google to attempt to prove them wrong should you suspect them of foul play. And no, not everyone has a spare part of perfectly flat lawn to set up the exact course…but then, does anyone really care, it’s always more fun if you have to clamber in a flowerbed or two.

In essence, your garden needs, we have them covered…