Our Three Kings of Colour

Every year in June the Chelsea design quarter holds open its doors for a late night spectacular, the drinks flow and the conversations are merry. This year we decided to invite three designers to take over our windows, putting their own personal style within the space, with carefully curated items from Guinevere, of course.

The three designers were Geoffroy Van Hulle from Belgium, Sig Bergamin from Brazil, and Phillip Thomas from the USA.

The showroom was a veritable hive of activity in the weeks leading up, with the designers jetting in and out, wallpapering, covering walls in fabric, gallons of paint, trim, furniture selections etc. etc. The results simply blew us away, it is amazing if you say to three designers, “we want colourful windows, no beige interiors” what each of them come up with, all very different, but most importantly all very colourful! And so they soon became our Three Kings of Colour.

Geoffroy Van Hulle’s window has a clear and undeniable Moroccan theme. The absolutely divine hand painted wallpaper from Iksel called Ottoman Tent Mehmet, with walls and ceiling covered. The whole of one side dominated by an antique upholstered Kilim sofa, with velvet sides and tassel trim. An orientalist painting by Lucien Levy-Dhurmer fits in effortlessly. Dark, comforting and layered.

Next onto Sig Bergamin, and his Garden room. The walls, the ceiling, and the floor were all covered in D’ascoli fabric and the result is amazing, different patterns/colour ways on each wall creates a room to really stop and admire. Never one to shy away from a more maximal look, Sig’s window is full to the brim, the shelves overflowing with colourful glass trinkets, books & ivy vines (from Fake It flowers). A pair of beaded chairs, hand made by the Yoruba people, fit in perfectly, a complete clash of patterns, drawing the eye to the center of the room, where there is so much to see.

Last but by no means least, colour from across the pond. Phillip Thomas created a sophisticated space with red speckled wallpaper from Pierre Frey (plumettes) and thick stripes in ikat style wallpaper, also Pierre Frey (taraz), finished with a simple fabric trim by Samuel and sons, a fantastic idea, which really added a bit of height to an otherwise very squat room. The room was filled, with a fabulous boulle work desk and unusual artifacts such as this ceremonial breastplate, a room that can be wandered around and admired at leisure. The ceiling with its tiles of yellows and golds glistens at you, creating an added layer of intrigue.

We enjoyed this project so much; it has got us thinking how we will top it next year?!