A Samburu Woman Adorned for Ceremony

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” A Samburu Woman Adorned for Ceremony”

” Hairdressing continues to be important in African societies. Many traditional hairstyles continue to be worn by groups living in remote regions and by others for ceremonies and special occasions.
The variety of hairstyles and headwear in Africa matches the diversity of the people who live on the continent. Different cultures have used hairstyles and headwear to show tribal association, gender, religion, job, and social status. In addition, the various cultures have created wigs, hats, hair ornaments, razors, and combs to aid in adorning the head. The importance of head-wear to African culture is witnessed by the many statues and masks of ancient Africa that show detailed hair ornamentation”.

1968 image reworked by artist in 2020 – Hand of the Artist African Headdress Collection
Vanishing Africa Ltd/Mirella Ricciardi ©
Contemporary mixed media hand coloured archival pigment print. In White crackle Lacquer frame with gilt slip
Signed Edition 1/1
Image Size: 24” x 17.25”


Framed Size: 82cm high x 65cm wide
(32.5” x 25.5”)

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